Hounds Hangout provides a dog hydrobath for owners to use 24 hours.  The benefits of the bath are it helps remove the hair your dog is shedding between different seasons, stimulates the skin while washing, helping circulation plus removes the pressure of bathing both for yourself and your dog and is quicker than conventional methods.  Smaller breeds are catered for with a small dog insert and large dogs have a ramp to walk into the bath.  Shampoo, towels and blow dryer are inclusive of price.



$10 per dog

Shampoo, towels and blow dryer supplied

Payment must be made in advance.  Payment can be made in person at the daycare  or by bank deposit anytime.

A confirmation text with the key code will be sent to confirm booking.

Conditions of Use

All customers must visit the daycare prior to use, to familiarise themselves with the workings of the hydrobath

Please consider the next user and leave the area clean. 

All wet towels place in basket supplied.

If damage occurs please ring or text 0274405010 immediately.  Misuse of equipment that causes damage becomes the cost of the user at the time